Bible Baptist Christian Academy is a private school in Statesboro, Georgia. Our goal is for our students to leave us not only with high school diplomas but also with the tools that will allow them to be successful in life. We prepare students for life by fostering academic, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Character development and spiritual growth are woven throughout the BBCA experience; faculty and staff members ensure that every aspect of school life nurtures each student’s worth, potential, and integrity. 

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FAX:  912-489-5650

We are fully accredited by the Georgia Association of Christian Schools.
This accreditation is recognized by the Georgia Private School Accreditation Council, the Georgia Department of Education, the Board of Regents, and the Georgia Student Finance Commission. This status means that our graduates are eligible for the Hope Scholarship.

BBCA is committed to shaping tomorrow’s Christian leaders today by:

-Upholding a biblical foundation established by the founding fathers in 1979. 
-Ministering to the educational and extracurricular needs of the families in BBCA, including homeschooling families.
- Developing a diverse student body that models a true sense of community.
-Recognizing and working with the different learning styles within the student body.   

-Preserving a healthy teacher-student ratio for optimal learning 
-Utilizing state-of-the-art technology that links directly to emergency services for student safety.
-Providing daily recess for K3-4th grade students
-Integrating state-of-the-art technology into our students education while continuing to teach the basic foundations, such as handwriting and spelling.  


Bible Baptist Christian Academy is a ministry of Bible Baptist Church of Statesboro, a multi-generational church where everyone is welcome. 

Our Mission

To lead students to know Christ and make an impact in the world. 

Our Vision

Preparing students for life by fostering academic, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Our Core Values

  • FAITH - our priority is that students will be saved and learn to walk with God through prayer and fellowship with other believers.
  • COMMITMENT - God is honored in excellence.
  • COMPASSION - every student matters to God.
  • INTEGRITY - we will not add to or take away from God's Word
  • PROFESSIONALISM - academic and intellectual excellence
  • UNITY - focus on the things that unite us, not divide us

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