After Care Program

Our After Care program is for students from PK3 through fifth grade and is licensed under Georgia's Bright from the Start

The program is designed to be flexible, students can attend a specific number of days (regular) or on a as-needed basis

Any student who is not picked up by 3:05 pm will be taken to After Care. Students will not be charged a fee if picked up by 3:15 pm.
 Children can be picked up any time up to 6 pm.  Students MUST be signed out by the individual who is picking up the child. 


For the 2022-23 school year, After Care will be $13.50/day for the first ten days of attendance per month. 

If your child attends after care more than ten days in a month, a monthly fee of $135 will be charged.

Anyone not picked up by 6:00 pm will incur a late fee of $5 per child. Every 10 minutes beyond 6 pm will incur another $5. For example, if you arrive at 6:11 pm, 11 minutes late, you will be charged a $10 late fee.  Parents who are persistently late will be asked to withdraw their child from the After Care Program.  

After Care is billed the month following usage. For example, August’s after care will appear on the September statement along with the monthly tuition charge. Both are due no later than the 10th of the month.

To be able to participate in the After Care Program, your student’s account must stay current and the Authorization for Student Pick-Up Form must be filled in completely. Only those listed on the form are authorized to pick up your child from After Care. After Care providers will ask to see driver licenses for verification purposes if needed.

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